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We’re already on our way out of winter, and before you know it, all of your spring looks will be front and center in your closet again. Sorry Leather Jacket, that means you’re going back to the back. But what about all of our pairs of long johns? We wear them most often when it’s cold, looking for not much more than additional warmth.

In this installment of “Ask The Expert,” we look at long johns and what they’re good for, aside from heat. Because of their long legs, underwear brands have more room to play around with outrageous prints or athletic-inspired compression fits. Looking past the more classic long john styles available, it’s clear long underwear belongs in our lives longer than a single season.

Stuart from Billings, MO — Whuddup Underwear Expert! So I got a lot of pairs of long johns for Christmas this year, which is awesome because it gets so ****ing cold here! And I love long johns. But I’m moving to So Cal in a few weeks and don’t think I’ll need long johns anymore. Am I wrong? Do they do more than keep warm? Thanks for helping!

The Underwear Expert — Hey Stuart, thank you for writing us. The Underwear Expert team is always more than happy to help. And by the way, good question! Pairs of long underwear have many benefits unique to their design. First and foremost, they are going to keep you warm. People reach for long johns when it’s cold, whether they are staying in or not. But aside from that, there are underwear brands out there creating some wild long john fashions that do more than keep you covered.

Just as with every other style of underwear, there are erotic long john designs that flip the full-coverage style on its head. They keep you less warm, but encourage others to come in close and make up the difference. There are also some funky leggings more concerned with fashion statements than keeping you warm. These three long johns are perfect examples of what long johns can do for you on any given day.

Björn Borg Statue Long Johns Long johns like these are more than just underwear. Their print is made to be seen, even if it is just by your pet or the UPS guy. Because these long johns are all about a wild style, these are better for lounging and partying rather than simply keeping warm.

Petit Q Long Johns Ohlala These are definitely not your typical long johns. They have a snug fit and will keep you warm, sure. But with an exposed rear, and a detachable pouch, we don’t see a whole lot of lounging getting done in these.

Timoteo Aero-Flow Compression Pant The longer length of long johns also lends itself well to athletic situations. These pants in particular, with their compression fit, would also aid your muscles during a workout. As a base layer, it will also be breathable.

For more information on these brands: Björn Borg, Petit Q, Timoteo

Photo Credit: Björn Borg, Petit Q, Timoteo, Marco Ovando Exclusively For The Underwear Expert


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