2(X)IST Valentine’s Day: Look Your Best in 2015

The 2(X)IST TUX Collection and The Affair Collection were both designed with formal occasions in mind, which is perfect for the 2(X)IST Valentine’s Day event. Whether your V-Day plans are formal or a bit more casual, the underwear in each is impressive and handsome. Underwear looks from The Affair Collection have bowtie-inspired waistbands with a flashy paisley print. The underwear also has tuxedo-style satin bands down the legs.

The TUX Collection is even more formal. These pairs of underwear come in black and white, and also feature satin bands down the sides. For a sleeker appearance, they have cumberbund-inspired waistbands; these were created with Jacquard elastic.

Men return to 2(X)IST’s Original Contour Pouch, because it does the two main things you want a pouch to do: it emphasizes your package, and it leaves it feeling comfortable. The silhouette is a confidence boost for any man, and easily admired by any man’s partner. Most of these 2(X)IST Valentine’s Day picks feature their ultra-flattering pouch. Others picks are sexy in different, yet equally obvious ways

Do you feel you’re at your sexiest when wearing your more formal pairs of underwear? How fancy does your underwear collection get? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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