#WIMBERNINJA & More Underwear Model News

Marco Marco Campaign

Things got a little sketchy this week in underwear model news. Not in the way you expect, though. We are referring of course to #WIMBERNINJA, and a bubbly illustration of Colby Melvin. Renderings of some of our favorite bodies, the artwork showed Jason and Colby in entirely new ways.

In other news, Pablo Hernandez was one underwear model who joined the viral “Je Suis Charlie” movement in support of France, still suffering from recent terror attacks. Murray Swanby also plans to release a poster of his sexy self, for a good cause. And Justin Bieber became, officially, larger than life.

Would you play a video game where you got to play as WIMBERNINJA? Have you encountered any Justin Bieber billboards yet? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.




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