String Along Topher DiMaggio & Other Underwear Model News

24 Hours in PUMP!

Are you in-the-know with the goings-on of your favorite underwear models? Keeping up with underwear model news is not only another way to get your daily dose of eye candy, but you could actually learn something, or hear about a deal that you wouldn’t otherwise know. Did you hear about PhilCity’s Boxing Day Sale? Have you seen Topher DiMaggio’s new Andrew Christian shopping bag?

But like we said, there is more to these guys than the bodies they show off for all to enjoy. Levi Michaels reposted a tribute to Leelah Alcorn, the transgendered teenager from Wisconsin who passed away before the new year even began. And while we normally leave serious and sad matters to actual news outlets, it was nice to see everyone in the LGBT community, even underwear models, paying their respects.

AWhich underwear models do you follow on Instagram? Are you suprised when they post something that isn’t their half naked bods? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.


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