Underwear Expert Kickstarter, Model Approved

The Underwear Expert’s Kickstarter is raising funds to launch our Curated Underwear Club. It aims to virtually reinvent how men get their underwear. Once live, the subscription program will be the first of its kind, offering customizable subscriptions that focus on the wearer as well as the underwear. And because we’re the most knowledgeable, experienced team on the planet in the men’s underwear department, your collection will be refined and curated like never before. It’s no surprise, then, that underwear models are showing their support on Instagram.

Familiar faces such as Phil Fusco, Colby Melvin, Jason Wimberly and Mark MacKillop have all shown their support for our Curated Underwear Club. Yes, even underwear models want our help choosing their underwear. And if we can help them, there is no doubt we could help you too. Check out the gallery below to see which models and other personalities support our Kickstarter.



You can assist our fundraising by supporting us with as little as $1. Every backer has the ability to leave a public comment for the Kickstarter community to see and we highly encourage you to do this. The more backers and comments we get, the more likely Kickstarter will determine that our project is popular and potentially feature it on their site.

  1. Support the Kickstarter with $1 or more. (Backing levels of $30 or more come with underwear subscriptions.)
  2. Leave a comment on Kickstarter.
  3. Share our Kickstarter link on Facebook and email it to people who love underwear!

Which of the underwear models convinced you to support our Curated Underwear Club? Let us know by supporting the Underwear Expert Kickstarter.

Photo Credit: The Underwear Expert, Instagram


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