Survey: The First Ever Underwear Expert Awards

The first ever Underwear Expert Awards are taking place this year. In a red carpet-fashion, The Underwear Expert is declaring which brands and underwear pairs were the best of the best. But everyone knows we like more than just the underwear itself. That’s why the first annual Underwear Expert awards will recognize more than the best men’s underwear. We also want to honor the best models, photo shoots, and videos.

Oscar winners are chosen by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Unfortunately, there is no Academy of Underwear Design and Marketing. So we are turning to you, Underwear Expert readers. We want your opinion on all things men’s underwear.

Fill out the survey below and let us know what you thought stole the show in 2014. What was the best men’s underwear? Once answers are reviewed, we will release the top picks in each category. These will be our nominees. The nominees will then be voted on, the highest votes determining the winners of the 1st ever TUX Awards.

Be sure to answer all 10 questions on the survey. Type your answers into the text boxes, and be sure to include both a brand and product name when applicable. You may also paste links from our site to direct us to the correct product, photo shoot, or video.

Photo Credit: Marco Ovando


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