UK Underwear Brands, Pairs From Across The Pond

They do things a little differently in the UK. They drive on the other side of the road, spell words differently, and even have their own underwear aesthetic. It’s similar to what is seen in the United States, but the United Kingdom’s approach to underwear is a little more reserved. Dare we say, proper? These UK underwear brands create styles you already love, but in designs you may not yet have experienced.

Derek Rose is one of the most reputable underwear brands based in the United Kingdom. You hear the name and you think luxury. Not just luxury underwear — their loungewear and sleepwear is just as comfortable — and even more exquisite. On the opposite end of the spectrum is Smuggling Duds. The brand’s International Collection was modeled by fighters at UFC Manchester, and some of their boxers even have pockets — often shown to hold phones or condoms.

James Tudor and Alick Alexander both cover Great Britain’s basics. These solid styles are timeless and have an international appeal. Their styles are without a doubt classic, and the most likely to feel familiar to you. Then there is Syndicut, a delightfully artsy brand that emphasizes its collaborations with artists. More than any of these brands, Syndicut’s styles are the most unique, and possibly even the most British.

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For more information on these brands: Alick Alexander, Derek Rose, James Tudor, Smuggling Duds, Syndicut

Photo Credit: Alick Alexander, Derek Rose, James Tudor, Smuggling Duds, Syndicut


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