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Justin Case Underwear began as a senior project for Mr. Case who, at the time, was studying business in New York City. He was asked to pick a product on which he was knowledgeable, or would like to know more about. Still in the process of phasing out the pairs his mother bought him in high school, Case was on the hunt for something a little more adult. He wanted a men’s garment that was unique and high-quality. He didn’t want oversized text, or gaudy logos. This proved hard to find. So hard, in fact, that Mr. Case decided to fill the void he’d discovered in the men’s underwear market.

“I set out to create a company that made this garment and in the process get an A+ on this assignment,” explains Case. “After working on the concept for a year I figured it was time to test the market. I received such an overwhelming response during my trial period that I decided to take this company to the next level and launch it.”

Red+carpetSimilar to other brands, Justin Case Underwear found their success on Kickstarter. The project received 124% of its goal and was funded in July 2013. Since then, Justin Case Underwear has produced looks that are mature in their simplicity and exceptional in comfort—created right in the heart of New York City’s Fashion District. This allows the brand to operate with faster production times, and allows for better quality control.

“Our team produces garments that we not only wear on a daily basis, but we strongly believe in. Nothing is released to the public unless it has passed our rigorous inspection,” Case tells us.  “The materials used to produce our undergarments are resistant to fading, pilling, and loss of elasticity. Despite the fact that underwear generally has similar shapes, there is no comparison when you hold up any brand next to a pair of Justin Case.”

Justin Case Underwear currently creates briefs, jock briefs, boxer briefs, jockstraps, and thongs. Each is designed with an eye to refine. That was the main goal Mr. Case had when designing the underwear, and he’s stayed true to this philosophy.

“As of right now I have my ‘classic’ line which is filled with many bright colors in 5 different cuts. My specialty/printed garments are released seasonally and have a very limited quantity,” Case said. “A lot of thought goes into my patterned pairs and I have a talented team of designers that work with me that help me achieve the look I want for a given season.”

There is still more to come from Justin Case Underwear. Their 2015 Lookbook is full of vibrant patterns, and more solids cut to slim fit perfection. The lookbook also serves as a mouthwatering look at the brand’s first collection of swimwear, also designed to be precise.

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