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What would your soul wear as underwear, or would you need any?

Blackspade is already an established presence in the luxury underwear market, and they’re finally launching in the US. Registered worldwide in over 20 countries, the label is gearing up to bring their fine fibers and smooth textures stateside following a number of successful soft launches. What does this mean for us? Underwear paradise.

The brand’s emblem is a fig leaf, an homage to Adam and Eve who hid their nudity with fig leaves at the beginning of history. Of course, Blackspade products are much more comfortable, and just as natural.

usabBlackspade is based along the shores of Turkey’s Aegean Sea, its own paradise of sorts. “Blackspade combines the natural resources of the region, including cotton, silk and micro modal with science and the newest technologies, to provide women, men and children with beautiful, comfortable underwear, loungewear and swimmer that are the perfect fit.” The brand draws their inspiration from the area’s locals and their “positive vibe.”

It took some time for Blackspade USA to assemble its team, but once they did, they hit the ground running. Aydin Karavelioglu, CEO of Blackspade USA spent most of 2014 lining up the business. Jeff Danzer, 2(X)IST’s former brand architect, now works as Blackspade USA’s Vice President of Men’s Sales and Marketing. “We are extremely excited to bring Blackspade’s perfect fit and hand feel to the US consumer”, says Karavelioglu – and we’re just as excited to wear it.

With a focus on health, comfort and luxury, Blackspade’s underwear styles provide consumers with a perfect fit and sleek silhouettes. The buttery soft fabrics of the Silver and Stripes Collections are swoon-worthy, and each line has a timeless look to ensure fans of the brand will never go out of style. This combination of luxury and class make Blackspade a label to be very, very excited about.

That being said, the answer to our question should be simple. If your soul were to wear underwear, it would be Blackspade.

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