Review: Nasty Pig Baller Jock A Cocky Experience

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Item reviewed: Nasty Pig Baller Jock Strap

About the product: The Nasty Pig Baller Jock Strap is a design equipped with classic jock elements such as a mesh pouch, and straps showing off the rear. The Nasty Pig Baller Jock Strap is offered in an array of bright colors that contrast against two white racing stripes woven on the pouch, and on the logo’d waistband. Made from a blend of 62% nylon, 11% polyester, and 27% elastane, this jock strap fits low on the hips while providing ample support.

What we like: There’s a built in confidence boost that comes with wearing a jock strap. They also make you feel like you’re keeping a really good secret. It’s as if what’s underneath the suit and tie—or the ordinary clothes—hides something sexy, exciting, perhaps even forbidden. The bright colors help kick the style up a few notches. The excellent quality of the Nasty Pig Baller Jock Strap enhances the whole experience, too. Especially with straps showing off those “buns, hon.”

When we’d wear them: When wanting feel sexy. When wanting someone to rip off your clothes and see how sexy you are.

Who we’d recommend them to: Anyone willing to explore their adventurous side. It’s not the most practical underwear, but it’s not the most far-fetched either.

In three words: Exciting. Cocky. Fun.


For more information on this brand: Nasty Pig

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