Review: Modal Makes The Mosmann Acqua Boxer

Item reviewed: Mosmann Acqua Boxer

About the product: The Mosmann Acqua Boxer is available in turquoise and part of the brand’s Mode Collection. Made from 95% modal and 5% lycra, the boxer short has a form-fitting appearance. A black elastic waistband is accented by a small Mosmann logo, as well as a slight shimmer. The pouch on the Mosmann Acqua Boxer is seamed for definition and support. Bindings around the legs also keep the boxer and its comfortable seat in place. The same print is also available in azalea pink on the Mosmann Fiamma Boxer.

What we like: That fabric, though! Modal really is as comfortable as everyone says it is, and the cool touch it grazes your skin with only makes the wearing experience even better. The pattern itself is also flattering, especially around the back where the smooth appearance of the modal looks its best. The gradient fades the lower you go and leaves you in a pleasantly bright pair of underwear. The print also reminds us of plants, in spite of being stylishly geometric.

When we’d wear them: A leisurely hike. A date night spend indoors after bar-hopping. The party your neighbors invited you to.

Who we’d recommend them to: There isn’t any type of guy we can think of who wouldn’t appreciate the cool, silky feel of modal. The pattern on the Mosmann Acqua Boxer, though, lends itself better to a younger crowd. The bright geometric pattern is for those unafraid of a little attention.

In three words: Lightweight. Silky. Cool.


For more information on this brand: Mosmann

Photo Credit: Mosmann

Product Supplied by Mosmann


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