Review: James Tudor Accent Boxer Pushes The Right Buttons

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Item reviewed: James Tudor Accent Boxer

About the product: The James Tudor Accent Boxer is designed with a 3-button opening and made from 95% cotton and 5% lycra. The 3-button fly is outlined in contrasting piping that matches the boxer’s waistband and leg seams. The James Tudor Accent Boxer is cut with shorter-than-average legs, and also features a small, embroidered JT logo on the boxer’s lower left leg.

What we like: The clean-cut design of the James Tudor Accent Boxer is something we didn’t know we were missing. The 3-button fly is the boxer’s best asset. The closure not only makes the boxer unique, but gives it a well-mannered and unassuming appearance. The cut of the boxer is even flattering around the rear. The contrasting accents are also a nice touch, and provide the boxer with that masculine energy we’re picking up on.

When we’d wear them: The extra day of an extended weekend. Spontaneous movie dates. A day spent buried in a book.

Who we’d recommend them to: Any guy who can get on-board with the 3-button fly. It’s style statement that’s mature, tasteful, and because of that, kind of hot. The James Tudor Accent Boxer would go great on a guy with a personality to match.

In three words: Masculine. Unique. Tasteful.


For more information on this brand: James Tudor

Photo Credit: James Tudor

Product Supplied by James Tudor


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