Review: The HAWAI Boxer 4962, A Basic With Flash

Item reviewed: HAWAI Boxer 4962

About the product: The HAWAI Boxer 4962 are light blue, topped with a 1.5-inch metallic silver band, “HAWAI” written across the front. They are designed with a mid-rise waist that sits on the hips. Unaccented seams run across the center of the crotch, inner legs, center of the back, and in a half-moon across the posterior to accommodate the wearer’s movements. The fabric is 62% polyester, 33% cotton, and 5% spandex. This allows for fluid movement without riding or bunching. The pouch is closed, contoured, and double-lined.

What we like: The HAWAI Boxer is an easy choice for the guy who wants a simple and reliable pair of underwear. They are great for the office or a jog and ideal for the guy who hits the gym after work. The contrasting metallic waistband is also a flashy touch that makes the boxer stand out from underwear basics. Paired with the soft shade of blue or green, the silver always makes a noticeable pop that isn’t overpowering.

When we’d wear them: In the day-to-day routine, especially if we plan on breaking a sweat after business hours.

Who we’d recommend them to: Guys who prefer a solid pair of underwear, both in color and utility. Guys who work out after work.

In three words: Dependable. Solid. Simple.


For more information on this brand: HAWAI

Photo Credit: HAWAI

Product Supplied by HAWAI


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