Review: Blackspade Shorty, Rediscover Cotton Comfort

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Item Reviewed: Blackspade Tender Cotton Shorty

About the product: The Blackspade Shorty is a mid-rise boxer brief that runs 1/3 of the way down the leg, providing full coverage while exposing most, but not all, of the leg. It’s made of primarily cotton fabric with a small amount of elastic material so there is some stretchability with this body-hugging pair. The pouch is contoured and the waistband consists of a thin grey stripe and the brand’s name in green and black, providing a small contrast in color to the rest of the single-color underwear.

What we like: The fabric! The brand prides itself on using fabric that feels natural and comfortable, and this pair definitely lives up to that standard. The underwear provides the necessary support without feeling overly constrictive and tight. This allows the wearer to move freely and securely. The tag-less design also means no annoying tags bothering your lower back.

When we’d wear them: Going to the gym. Running errands around the city.

Who we’d recommend them to: Someone looking for a supportive pair of boxer briefs that feels great on the skin. A man looking to update standard looks in his underwear collection.

In three words: Comfortable. Supportive. Basic.


For more information on this brand: Blackspade

Photo Credit: Blackspade

Product Supplied by Blackspade


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