Mosmann, Materials Matter Down Under

Mosmann’s fabrics are one of the most comfortable things you can wear down under. The Australian brand has a reputation for using quality materials in all of their collections. They use plenty of modal fabric, which is becoming all the rage on the men’s underwear market. It’s cool-feel silkiness is converting more and more men, and drawing attention to their underwear collections.

Cotton is still a classic. Using superior cotton sources—and blending them with equally high-end elastane and lycra—Mosmann’s cotton blends have a feeling of softness and support that is immediately noticeable and continually enjoyable. Their bamboo underwear is also comfortable, extremely soft, and not to mention, very easy on the environment. Check out this Underwear Expert breakdown of Mosmann fabrics.

Cotton—Mosmann’s 95% DuraSoft cotton, 5% Dupont lycra blend is incredibly soft. The appropriately named Comfort Collection has a wide waistband that prevents any “muffin-top” appearances. The Essentials Collection and Black Label also feature superior cotton blends, both swapping out lycra for elastane. Cotton is the most common underwear material because of its softness and durability. Normal cotton is reliable, Mosmann cotton is refined.


Modal—Modal fabric is known to be more comfortable than cotton, and it’s true. The material is lighter and smoother. It also has a cool, silky feel that feels pleasant against the skin. Mosmann uses Lenzing modal. Lenzing is a German brand and leader in fiber development. The fabric is made from beech trees, making this another environmentally friendly option. Modal also have a light, body-hugging fit that is entirely flatting, no matter the underwear style.


Bamboo—Fibers taken from bamboo have microscopic holes in them that make their material breathable. The fabric works in such a way that you are kept cool when it’s hot, and stay warm when it’s cold. Bamboo is also a very eco-friendly material source. The plants reproduce rapidly, and are more comfortable than synthetic materials. The thermo-regulation fabric is also suitable as activewear.


MicroModal—This is Mosmann’s feels-like-nothing underwear. It is compared to natural silk, and surpasses cotton in softness, sheen, and feels cooler. The microfiber underwear is featured in the Mosmann Luxe Collection along with modal. Like modal, micromodal also fits close to the skin to prevent chafing and other forms of skin irritation.



What underwear collection are your Mosmann looks from? Is there a fabric that you’re interested in trying out? Let us know what and why by commenting below, or tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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