This Marcuse Shoot By Serge Lee Has Wood, And Horns

Marcuse is looking manly, rugged, and tough. Still looking plenty stylish, this Marcuse photo shoot hits a masculine trifecta. The first part comes from male model Alexsandr. He’s got the chest and core to be the envy of any other man, and tattoos that give him an attractive and slightly edgy appearance. Paired with the trendy styles by Marcuse, he shows how the brand’s sense of style enhances his muscular build, and how their versatility is suitable for any man. This photo shoot is all man—that masculinity made even more prominent thanks to the rustic wood Alexsandr lays on and the longhorn skull he’s got on the wall.

The third part of the masculine trifect comes from photographer Serge Lee. He gets Alexsandr in several Marcuse looks, both underwear and swimwear. Each of them is bright and designed for a sporty appearance. Contrasting seams give the underwear a casual and relaxed feeling to them. Marcuse swimwear looks have more fun. Alexsandr wears the Marcuse Puppy and Woof swimwear. Like the name suggests, the body features a puppy printed right on the left leg. As cute as the pup is, though, it isn’t enough to counter the masculinity of the brand, or the model wearing them. We personally think Alexsandr looks best in the yellow and red briefs. The bright underwear bodies contrast against the white seams in such an attractive way and cast him as a rough-and-tumble jock type.

Which of the awesome pics from this photo shoot is your favorite? Did you spot a Marcuse look that you simply must have? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Marcuse

Photo Credit: Serge Lee


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