Kickstarter: 7 Guys Who Need Help Choosing Underwear

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Our Curated Underwear Club is entering the final stages of its funding period. We’re getting backers every day and are thrilled with the progress. By curating your underwear drawer to your personal style and preferences, our Curated Underwear Club offers a customizable subscription that’ll change how you buy men’s underwear, forever.

No matter what kind of man you are, The Underwear Expert knows the brands, fabrics, and designs that will suit your tastes and spice your underwear collection with new flavors. A few readers have reached out to us with their underwear questions and concerns. For each of them, our Curated Underwear Club has a solution.

Jared, 24, Warner Robins, GA. – My name is Jared and I’m a graduate student living in Georgia. My girlfriend and I have been getting into dressing up underwear-wise for our dates. She gets these sexy lace things that drive me crazy and all I have for her are my newest boxers, like from 4 months ago. I bought my first bikini online to try it out. I thought I could handle showing her some skin, it was just a brief without the sides. The back was still there. The pictures online didn’t look all that intense either. But when I put on the bikini, I felt I looked too exposed, maybe even too feminine. I want to find sexy underwear, but for guys. A guy’s guy. I want to feel covered, but still show off something for my girlfriend. I know that’s practically an oxymoron, but there has to be something.

The Underwear Expert – Well Jason, you must go to a good school. You’re correct, there are brands that make sexy underwear for men. Men’s underwear gets away with being sexy and masculine with materials she’ll be able to see-through, and they will even enhance how you look. Our Curated Underwear Club would sift out more reserved underwear styles, created with revealing and flattering designs. Prepare to be introduced to some new fabrics.

_MG_9516_0701Dominic, 36, Seattle, WA. – I’m a stay at home dad. I work from home, on top of taking care of 2 rascally toddlers, a boy and a girl. Two kids, two jobs, one paycheck. I just need something comfortable that can keep up. I hear about cool new underwear that my buddies get from their wives every now and then, but my husband is even worse about his clothes than I am. He still thinks cargo shorts and Crocs are okay. But for my underwear, I can’t stand how cotton feels anymore. I’m always wearing gym pairs whether I am working out or not. I don’t need underwear that’s moisture wicking when I’m not sweating. I want something light like the boxers I go jogging in, but warmer and with a roomier pouch. And then for my husband who sits at a desk, he probably needs something more formal and more comfortable. What brands should I start shopping from? Thanks in advance for your advice, Dominic.

The Underwear Expert – Dominic, it seems like you and your husband are really both shopping for the same thing, and that’s a lightweight material that helps to regulate body temperature. And because you live in Seattle, you could probably use some warm pairs of underwear that won’t overheat you. He can be dressy for work, and you can be casually stylish covering things on the home front. For both of you, our Curated Underwear Club would focus on full coverage underwear styles with superior fabrics similar to performance underwear, but styled for comfort.

Sharon, 27, Santa Monica, CA. – So my husband is kind of vain, I tell him all the damn time. He works out, a lot. Which is a great thing for both of us, he’s super buff and keeps us both healthy. Problem is he doesn’t care what he wears and this goes for his underwear. Even his gym pairs are nasty and ratty. I swear they’re one hole away from being fishnet. I don’t even think they’re made to be moisture wicking. He always complains how he stretches them because he muscles are too big. I lovingly tell him to shut up and that no one cares. But now I think he might be right. Is Big and Tall underwear a thing? He honestly needs a total underwear makeover. Gym ones gotta go. Other ones gotta go. You’re the experts, please send him something he won’t ruin. – Sharon 

The Underwear Expert – Well Sharon, your husband is certainly not the only man accustomed to caring for his body while neglecting his wardrobe. There actually are underwear styles more suitable for men with larger builds, muscular thighs included. Our Curated Underwear Club would routinely send him underwear styles with enough elasticity to handle his workouts, and simply walking around.

Armando, 21, Dallas, TX. – First off, love your site! I have ever since you turned me on to “Rm. XIV” and Mark MacKillop <3 Anyway, I basically need new sexy underwear in my life. I have enough Andrew Christian, as much as I love that brand. I kind of like lace from Bodyaware. I like Gregg Homme. I don’t know. I just don’t know where to start. And one new hot pair won’t be enough! Help me out? There really isn’t much I don’t like. Kinda an underwear expert myself sometimes 😉

The Underwear Expert – Hey Armando, glad you like our site. Did you catch our interview with Mark? He’s even a nice guy in person! As far as your underwear is concerned, we know more than enough sexy men’s brands. After answering personality test-like questions for our Curated Underwear Club, we’ll be able to better gauge what you are and aren’t comfortable with. We’ll be sure to mix it up too—materials, styles, everything. You’ll be looking good, don’t worry about that.


Thomas, 30, Las Vegas, NE. – My name is Thomas and I bartend on the Vegas strip. I know a thing or four about underwear but I’m no expert at all. Everything I got is pretty clean and sharp. I like Mack Weldon, Tommy John, Derek Rose. That’s more my style. But I also want something a little fun. I want something cool. Kids still have underwear with superheroes on them. I want the adult version of that whatever it is. I’m thinking unconventional patterns and trippy 70’s colors schemes. Or if there are men’s underwear with graphics on them that’d be cool too. I don’t want to look kiddy, I just don’t want to look so serious, in my underwear. 

The Underwear Expert – Thomas, glad to hear you take care of your underwear collection. Your favorite brands are some of our favorites too. There are brands that make more upbeat and unique underwear designs. Our Curated Underwear Club will send you select brands, and only looks that are as adult in style as they are youthful in design.

Lee, 27, Boulder, CO. – I’m Lee, I live in Colorado and have a compulsive spending problem, haha! I can’t help but snag anything on sale. My grandfather always told me, “You know you’d save more money if you didn’t buy anything at all?” Still I have more underwear than I wear, let alone keep in my dresser. Not all of them fit me and not all of them are really even my taste. I think your underwear club would be like my underwear nicotine patch. I would start buying less if I had new ones routinely, probably. But would you guys curate it to have a variety? Thanks for your help, Lee.

The Underwear Expert – Hi Lee, thanks for reaching out. As always, we’d love to help. To answer your question: Yes, our Curated Underwear Club would be sure to deliver a variety of styles so that, over time, it will be the only underwear you ever need—once a month.

Edison, 22, New Orleans, LA. – Hi Underwear Expert. I’m writing because I need new underwear for the gym. I have about 5 pairs, which barely works because I go 5 days out of the week. Each pair looks the same though. They are all boxer shorts, and all pretty much the same. I don’t know if briefs work for running or cardio stuff since I’ve never tried. I know I wouldn’t wear long underwear. My legs are getting built too and some of the pairs I have ride up when I run or bunch when I do the rowing machine. They get like briefs they way they’re bunched. What are some cool pairs of underwear that aren’t boring lol?

The Underwear Expert – Hi Edison. It sounds like for you, you could use a variety of styles and some more interesting designs and colors. We know just the brands for you, right off the top of our head. Our Curated Underwear Club would send you a regular supply or gym looks that keep your energy and style on their A-game.

Which of the 7 Guys Who Need Help Choosing Underwear are you? How can The Underwear Expert help improve your underwear drawer? Let us know by supporting the Underwear Expert Kickstarter.

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