Justin Bieber Is Modeling For Calvin Klein Underwear

Do you secretly swoon over Justin Bieber? You’re about to. Or do you openly admire the sexy singer? If so, prepare to really lose it (in the best way). Justin’s latest modeling shots for Calvin Klein are black and white, and for all intents and purposes, classy. That being said, Justin’s body—and the way he shows those Calvin Klein waistbands—get some not-so-classy thoughts racing.

Miles from the child star who rose to fame, Justin has comfortably transitioned into a golden boy with a bad boy attitude. We love it, especially now that he’s modeling for Calvin Klein. Say what you will about him, there is no denying he has a ssssexy body. If you don’t believe us, or the rest of the Internet, check out his latest and greatest shots below. Try to keep from dropping your jaw. We dare you.

The waistbands we’re teased with wrap around his waist perfectly. The white waistband still looks like the soulmate for a pair of blue jeans. This one is accented by a thin grey stripe down the center. The thicker black waistband he wears is even better. Not hidden by pants, the bolder style gives Justin’s look more contrast. No matter that he’s wearing nothing but the Calvin Klein boxers.

Do you appreciate Justin’s singer voice, or strictly his body? What do you think of Justin becoming a face for Calvin Klein? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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Photo Credit: Calvin Klein

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0 thoughts on “Justin Bieber Is Modeling For Calvin Klein Underwear

  1. D May says:

    I can find other brands to buy as long as he represents them and I will. Saw a pair of Calvin Klein’s last night but didn’t have time to stop and get them. Saved me a trip back to get them. What a twit to have to represent them.

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