Happy Hat Day! Hats By Underwear Brands

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Hat Day is happening on Thursday, January 15th. The Underwear Expert team looks forward to Hat Day every year… Not really, but these underwear brand hats are reason enough to start. If you’re prone to showing off your underwear labels via waistband, why not mix it up with a hat? It’s the only practical way to wear underwear on your head. And beyond that’s it’s a practical way to sport your favorite brands for all to see.

Marco Marco is one underwear brand that loves to show off their hats. If you’ve seen any underwear brand hats before, it was probably these ones. Some of their hats have humorous smileys on them, others have the brand logo. Either way, both are immediately recognizable as Marco Marco.

Andrew Christian and PUMP! make the boldest statements—of course—with metallic and mirror embellishments. It’s a strong way to top off your casual style, and adds a ton of flash. For more sporty caps, Nasty Pig, aussieBum, and CellBlock 13 each designed their hats with a classic approach. These would look the most at-home at a ball game.

Do you own any underwear brand hats? Plan on rocking it for Hat Day 2015? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands: Andrew Christian, aussieBum, CellBlock 13, Marco Marco, Nasty Pig, PUMP!

Photo Credit: Andrew Christian, aussieBum, CellBlock 13, Marco Marco, Nasty Pig, PUMP!


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