How Garçon Model Underwear Owned 2014

So Garçon Model had quite the 2014. It seems the brand was never off our radar, always working on their latest promotion, or apparently creating their first line of jockstraps behind the scenes. This Canadian underwear brand was one of the few to do more than simply release new products. The launch of their jockstraps debuted a new underwear style for the brand’s lineup, and everyone ate them up. But it took more than just jocks to keep the brand’s buzz from dying.

The Underwear Expert looks back at Garçon Model’s year in review. They had a lot of shining moments as a brand, some of which may have been out-shined by their latest and greatest—the jockstraps. Still, they should not be forgotten. Here’s to you, Garçon Model.

1. The Kickstarter, And Their 2nd Collection


Garçon Model’s Kickstarter official closed on Jan. 11, 2014, more the doubling their monetary goal. The overwhelming support for the brand was a dead giveaway for the kind of year Garçon Model would have. The individual who pledged the most also won their very own Garçon Model underwear photo shoot!

2. A Selfie Contest To Win Free Underwear


The brand continued their media-savvy business approach by hosting their own Instagram underwear selfie contest. It was simple enough to enter. All you had to do was post a pic of you wearing your “Garçon Model best.” After that, three winners were chosen at random once per month. The world became a more beautiful place.

3. This Breakdown Of Men’s Underwear Trends


Garçon Model also held an online underwear survey last year. The survey’s results were assembled into a great infographic that is, essentially, everything you want to know about your friends’ underwear drawers. It breaks things down beyond color preferences, and how long the average guy holds onto a pair. For instance, we learn that most guys separate their underwear into four categories: active, classic, lucky, and sexy. Check out the infographic!

4. Attitude Magazine Cover Flashes A GM Waistband


The April 2014 issue of Attitude Magazine was a milestone. It marked the magazine’s 20th anniversary, and Garçon Model graced one of the collectable covers. The Barton Brief was pictured wrapped around the waist of Harry Judd, drummer for UK pop rock band McFly. We hear a beat. What about you?

5. Aiding Arrecife, And The Brazil Trunk


Arrecife was one of the cities to host the World Cup last year. It is a poor city, with hundreds of homeless children and adolescents. Partnering with NGO Grupo Ruas e Praças, Garçon Model helped to raise money and fund arts and cultural projects. Every cent of profit made from their Brazil Trunk went to this cause.

6. This Photo Shoot With Tyler Kenyon


Garçon Model released a stunning photo shoot with model Tyler Kenyon as part of their Miami Collection campaign. He wears some of the most iconically “Garçon Model” looks. Everyone was already starting to go crazy for the brand. This set of photos captured the underwear looks in their prime.

7. And Their First Jocks


No matter what the brand has in store for 2015, we won’t forget the first time we saw their premier line of jockstraps. Our reactions were split between “Finally!” and “I want them all.” Styled with the same bright colors and constructed with the same comfy material, only less, the jocks help Garçon Model adjust to its place in our pile of sexy underwear.

When did Garçon Model first capture your attention? What colors or underwear styles do you hope the brand releases in 2015? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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