Felipe In Sunny Garçon Model Summer Styles

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This pair of pics has us so ready for warm weather. Model Felipe Anibal wears two bright looks by Garçon Model—the LINCOLN Brief and the Brazil boxer. Both are great summer styles. The brief has a lime green, almost yellow green body, accented with powerful pops of pink. The boxer is pure yellow, accented with green and black. Both looks have a sunny disposition, and both pics make the underwear’s bright attitude infectious.

Photographed by Skye Tran, Felipe shows off the Garçon Model underwear and some seriously defined muscles. The elastic waistbands form to his toned waistline and make you notice just how ripped he is—as if you could miss it. We are given a front view of the brief, Felipe’s legs parted in a super hot way. We get to see his muscular thighs, but also how the high cut of the Garçon Model briefs shows them off. The boxer’s longer legs don’t show off the legs as much. But the profile shot we are given reveals how well they sculpt to Felipe’s rear. We can tell from just one shot that his butt is just as toned as the rest of him.

What Garçon Model look do you think Felipe is hotter in? Wish we was wearing a Garçon Model jock? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Garçon Model

Photo Credit: Skye Tan

Model: Felipe Anibal


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