Drumroll Please, For Justin Bieber And #mycalvins

Will the underwear world ever be the same? The Internet went a little crazy last night when Calvin Klein dropped their Justin Bieber bomb, the #mycalvins campaign. Bieber is the chosen face—and chest, and waist, and butt—for the brand’s Spring 2015 collection of jeans and underwear. In a very Marky Mark fashion, Justin strips down to classic white underwear and bears his abs (yum) for all to see.

Justin and Marky Mark are both musicians — well, Mark Wahlberg was. So for part of this soon-to-be-legendary campaign, Justin Bieber even showcased his musical abilities. Not with his voice, but with his hands—he plays the drums to a catchy beat. He’s wearing a pair of Calvin Klein’s new jeans, all the while letting his underwear’s waistband show in a way only he could pull off.

It goes without saying that this campaign is set to take over the globe. Still, it should be mentioned that Justin’s face and body will be spread to 20 countries in the form of digital, outdoor, and print advertising. “Experimental components” are also scheduled to coincide with March 2015 magazine issues. (There is more to come!)

While the #mycalvins video is great and all, but Beliebers everywhere just about died when they saw his photoshoot with supermodel Lara Stone. If Justin’s little drum show got their hearts racing, these pics could send diehard fans into cardiac arrest. Justin’s big boy shoes fit him well. Totally grown up and super buff, his boxing training under Floyd Mayweather has definitely paid off. The golden bad boy shows his muscles and his ink, definitely upping his sex appeal if you’re into that sort of thing. And of course, Justin’s classic shirt-lift makes its way into the steamy photo shoot.

This is Calvin Klein’s most digital campaign to date. It makes even more sense, then, that Justin Bieber is their poster boy. He was the most Tweeted about artist in 2014 and always creates a buzz. It’s all part of the brand’s gameplay to create a conversation. It’s worked. Justin Bieber skyrocketed the brand’s buzz factor overnight. This in addition to the #mycalvin call to action which encourages fans of the brand, and Justin, to post selfies in Calvin Klein looks. As if anyone could outdo Justin’s underwear selfies.

We could go on and on about how damn sexy Justin is. We didn’t even mention how his bulge is on full display. Whether the Internet was ready or not, Calvin Klein’s #mycalvins campaign with Justin Bieber is here to stay. So we’ll just leave the images for you below. Feel free to bookmark this. You’ll want to see them again.

Was the world ready for Justin Bieber to become the face, and body, of Calvin Klein? Who wore it better, Marky Mark or Justin? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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Photo Credit: Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott for Calvin Klein

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