Ask The Expert: Big Thighs Causing Sighs?

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One of the most common questions men have when it comes to their underwear has to do with working out. Not so much whether a material is moisture wicking, but whether a pair will ride up or not. A lot of times, men with more muscular thighs have problems with their performance underwear riding up uncomfortably, or even bursting at the seams.

In this installment of “Ask The Expert,” we offer solutions for the muscular man who spends his day walking on tree trunks. Whether he is at the gym (again) or working at the office, there are pairs of underwear with designs more than capable of maintaining a body-hugging fit, no matter how muscular that body is.

Jeremiah from Woonsocket, RI — Hi Underwear Expert, love your site. I am looking for pairs of underwear that can fit around my thighs. I do a lot of squats at the gym and now my work out underwear is coming apart. I bought new pairs the other day and the same thing happened only sooner. Is there underwear out there for big legs?

The Underwear Expert — Thanks for writing us Jeremiah, we are more than happy to help. Chances are the pairs of underwear you purchased were trunks or some form of boxer. Oftentimes, these underwear styles are constructed with bindings in the legs designed to keep them in place, and thus, from not stretching too much. For guys with small legs this works, but obviously not for you.

For men with more built figures, we recommend a few different underwear styles and materials. Underwear pairs with higher uses of spandex or elastane often have enough elasticity to them, and will be better at forming to your shape. The Underwear Expert also recommends going for more and less coverage. A pair of long johns will form to your legs easily with their long length. And then certain briefs, mainly those with hip cuts, will stay above your thighs and allow for a good deal of movement. These three pairs of underwear all have something that can handle muscular thighs.

Obviously Essence Naked 9-Inch Boxer This is a pair you can wear to the gym without any worries. The boxer is made from a 4-way stretch, micro modal and lycra fabric. The material also reduces heat build up, and prevents chafing and riding up with its long leg length.

teamm8 Racer Brief The teamm8 Racer Brief has a hip brief cut that is sporty and stays above your thighs. This would be one of your everyday pairs. It’s casual and stylish. It’s also cut a little high in the back, allowing for more room in the front and rear.

Cocksox CXA91N Long Johns Similar to the Obviously 9-Inch Boxer, the long length of these active long johns from Cocksox prevents the underwear from riding up during intense activity. The material is form-fitting, and keeps your muscles warm to maximize your performance.

For more information on these brands: Cocksox, Obviouslyteamm8

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