2014 Underwear Expert Exclusives, For Your Eyes Only

We directed your attention to a lot of interesting underwear trends and jaw-dropping photo shoots last year. But for this roundup, we want your eyes focused on us, and no one else. Why? Because these Underwear Expert exclusives won’t be seen anywhere else. They are for our eyes, and the eyes of our readers.

A few brands sent images our way as special treats to showcase their new lines. Some models sat down with us for exclusive interviews, letting us in on more than their sculpted physiques. And then there are the wildly talented photographers we rely on. They treated us to exclusive photo shoots we’re still thinking about.

As it turns out, the men’s underwear world loves us. We were gifted exclusives throughout the year. The roundup below is only some of the highlights. To include them all would be to overdose on underwear, sex appeal, and style. Check out some of the year’s hottest Underwear Expert exclusives below.

1. Marco Ovando w/ Lockhart Brownlie


2. Adrián C. Martín in Navy Blue


3. Freedom Reigns


4. Marco Ovando w/ Char DeFrancesco


5. Exclusive Interview w/ Ricky Roman

6. Phil Fusco for PhilCity


7. Marco Ovando w/ Alex Rodriguez


8. Marco Ovando w/ Chris Marchant


9. Calvin Klein’s Spring 2015 Presentation 


10. The Matinée LaLeche 2014 Promo 

11. Marco Ovando w/ Michael Shea


12. Phil Fusco w/ Vito The Dog


Which Underwear Expert exclusive did you enjoy the most? Is there a photographer you’ve become an avid fan of? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on these bands and photographers: Marco OvandoAdrián C. Martín, Calvin Klein, Freedom Reigns

Photo Credit: Marco Ovando, Adrián C. Martín, Freedom Reigns, The Underwear Expert


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