XDress Satin Apparel Glides And Glistens

XDress satin apparel from the Smooth Satin Collection works in the same way as the line’s underwear. The satin is cut into masculine designs and styled with a feminine aesthetic. By branching from underwear, these satin apparel looks use more of the shiny material for lounge-ready styles that are both manly and delicate.

For its most standard styles, the Smooth Satin Collection includes a tank ($24.95) and a cami ($23.95). The mirror satin is stretchy on both giving each a flattering and defining finish, perfect for the male form. The Smooth Satin Tank is the more masculine of the two, with wider shoulder straps and an athletic-style back. The cami is more feminine with a trim around its neck and narrow straps. The line also includes the Smooth Satin Pants ($39.95). With a slight drop crotch fit and drawstring, the pants are incredibly flowing and comfy.

XDress satin apparel is also available as a step in ($35.95) and bodysuit ($32.95). The one piece styles are similar, the bodysuit resembling a brief at the bottom where the step in is closer to a boxer. Both also use contoured pouch designs made to support you. The slippery feel against your skin is luxurious and sensual, making this perhaps the most lounge-ready style in the collection. And then for the line’s crowning achievement of feminine appeal, the Smooth Satin And Lace Bra ($28.95) is cut for a man’s chest.

Apparel styles in the XDress Smooth Satin Collection come in black, coral, turquoise, fuchsia, and snow white. Each style is available in sizes S-XXL.

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