Winded With Wimberly: Box Squats

The latest post on Wimberlean is an intense one. Jasom Wimberly’s single leg box squats are “the one move you aren’t doing” and one you’ll love to do, if you can manage it. The move requires you to dip into your balance, strength, and posture all at once. If you can do them correctly, your general squat performance will improve. Still, the best thing about these single leg box squats is there bounty of benefits. They work your glutes, adductors, quads, and hip flexors.

By engaging your hip flexors and core for balance, the single leg box squat is a single move that can tone your entire figure. Beyond that, they will especially strengthen your lower body.

To do Jason Wimberly’s single leg box squat, you want a box as high as your knees. You extend one leg out and then slowly lower yourself onto the box. Try not to fall or drop on the box. Keep your leg extending when you’re sitting and when you stand back up. During this, keep you leg aligned straight as well.

You can see a breakdown of Jason’s single leg box squats below. He’s looking fine and fit in Fabletics apparel. To increase difficulty, Jason’s demonstration below is done with a lower box. You can also increase difficulty by holding dumbbells for resistance.

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Photo Credit: Benjamin Patterson


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