This Vs That: Battle Of The Baskit Jockbriefs, And Boyfriends

This week’s version of “This Vs That” is a very special one as we battle two Baskit jockbriefs together, as well as the handsome model boyfriends who wear them best.

You may remember our interviews with Nelson Marin and Marvin Garcia, a literal “couple of hotties” who model some of Baskit’s best. This time, they go head to head in two of our favorite jockbriefs from Baskit, the Active and Ribbed designs. Your decision will be tougher than usual this week. The two jockbriefs have the same cut, but different fabrications. Also, don’t forget to factor which boyfriend looks better in your decision making process.

Featuring two of Baskit’s best jockbriefs, this edition of “This Vs That” will be a fun one!

The Active Jockbrief Vs. The Ribbed Jockbrief


Both Baskit jockbriefs are great, each with their own functionality. The Active Jockbrief is designed as a performance underwear look. The Ribbed Jockbrief, on the other hand, is great for everyday wear. The Active Jockbrief is made from a soft modal fabrication, and the Ribbed with a comfy ribbed fabrication. While you may have an underwear preference, it may get harder when deciding which model you enjoy in jockbriefs more. What do you think of Marvin? And how about Nelson? Can you even choose between the two?

What did your vote come down to? Did you base your choice off the underwear itself, the models, or a mix of the two? Let us know which look you voted for by commenting below or tweeting @underwearexpert.

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Photo Credit: Baskit

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