Visit PhilCity, Phil Fusco’s Lifestyle Destination

Male model Phil Fusco is more than just a gorgeous face and body. His personal brand is centered around PhilCity, a fitness and lifestyle blog for which he’s the lead writer. Its content reflects Phil’s ideals and goals, and even his aesthetic. By offering exclusive Phil Fusco merch such as PhilCity underwear, his blog and brand serve as keys to a Phil Fusco life. A life all about looking and feeling your best.

Phil modeled some of his merchandise in an exclusive photo shoot by Jade Young, seen below. Given his athletic brand, his physique is just as much a focus as these PhilCity underwear styles. Like any fitness personality, he shows it off for a good reason. It proves his knowledge on the ins and outs of fitness and healthy living. We already assumed as much though, considering Phil has graced the cover of several magazines and, the past few years, has become one of the most talked about male models on the Internet.

Phil also has a Youtube channel, a vlog that is more casual and occasionally zooms in on his personality. Chances are you’ve seen some of his videos already. Recent uploads include some of his favorite things, such as skin and hair products. It’s way more enjoyable than Oprah’s favorite things, and expands upon Phil’s brand. Reaching beyond fitness tips and eye candy, this male model is becoming a men’s lifestyle icon. And with an up and coming film career, we expect Phil’s fame will only grow.

Do you own any PhilCity merch? Which of Phil’s social media accounts to you follow the most avidly? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on Phil Fusco’s personal brand: PhilCity. Check out Jade Young on Instagram @jadeyphoto.

Photo Credit: Jade Young


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