Underwear Runway Shows That Owned 2014

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Because hindsight is 20/20, we’re rounding up the year’s underwear runway shows for a better look. More than a few brands brought their A-game to the catwalk. Some showed what makes them better than other brands. Others showed what’s going to keep them better — their upcoming looks for Spring/Summer 2015.

It’s more than beautiful people in beautiful fashions. It’s beautiful people in underwear. These six underwear runway shows owned the year and, for a few moments, our hearts. We can’t help it though if we’re unfaithful when it comes to underwear brands. We love them all, and these runway shows explain why.

2(X)IST Spring/Summer 2015

New York-based brand 2(X)IST debuted their 2015 collection earlier this year in a memorably masculine display of underwear. The new collection is inspired the city’s attitude, both the grimy and glitzy. Creative Director Jason Scarlatti was also influence by his visits to the tropics, and added some vibrant floral prints into the mix.

Andrew Christian BLOWBoys @ The Abbey

Or course Andrew Christian’s runway shows look more like a party. At least, they would if our friends were as hot as the BLOWBoys. The designer himself, Rhea Litre, and some of the most recognizable male models were in attendance for the fierce runway show. BLOW! underwear is not so much tongue-in-cheek as it is tongue-in-other-places. And a special thanks to photographer Gabe Ayala for burning the show into our memory.

Marco Marco w/ “Collection 3: Slut Goes To The Moon”

This could be the most memorable runway show of the year. With drag queens and half-naked men alike walking back and forth, we were more than happy to accompany Marco Marco to the moon. Complete with energetic neon and body-hugging materials, the brand’s new looks are perfectly gay-leaning underwear fashions. The music was poppin’ too, and made from a show that was entertaining as it was exciting.

Mia Marcelle w/ M. Marcelle

Mia Marcelle debuted her line of men’s swimwear, M. Marcelle, earlier this year at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. In it were some of the year’s most flattering trunks. We personally think the small, square cut ones looked the best. Wrapping the models in high fashion with a low rise waist, we’re ready to skimpy dip in M. Marcelle. Plus, the male models are also super hot. This is one is definitely worth a repeat viewing.

Papi for Cotton’s 24 Hour South Beach Runway

Papi was a participant in Cotton’s 24-Hour Runway Show. With celebrity guests such as Jason Derulo, and what we imagine was a lot of caffeine, the show broke the Guinness World Record for “Longest Fashion Show.” Aye Papi! How did you stay up so late? The record-breaking show was also held in partnership with People Magazine.

Wood @ New York Fashion Week

Underwear brand Wood had a couple runway shows this year. The Underwear Expert was even fortunate enough to catch up with Terresa Zimmerman, the brand’s founder, during New York Fashion Week — we spoke about why guys can’t seem to keep their hands off of Wood. The brand also made it to LA Fashion Week. Yeah, Wood is still good.

What underwear runway shows could you watch over and over again? Crushing hard for any of the models? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands: 2(X)IST, Andrew Christian, Calvin Klein, Marco Marco, Mia Marcelle, Papi, Wood

Video Credit: 2(X)IST, Andrew Christian, Calvin Klein, Discover Cotton, Marco Marco, Mia Marcelle, The Underwear Expert


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