Top 10 Jock Briefs, Hottest Looks From A Hybrid Style

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Jock briefs are the perfect underwear style for guys who don’t mind showing off their butt, but also don’t want to bare it all. They’re almost always made with a sporty aesthetic, which makes sense considering the fabric’s typical cut. Still, just because the style itself is athletic doesn’t mean jock briefs can’t be casual, cute, or slightly erotic.

This list of our top 10 jock briefs attempts to find the best of a style that has the best of two worlds. Even when sticking to the jock brief style, you’ll find varying degrees of coverage. Some are a little more brief, some are a little more jockstrap. Our top 10 jock briefs include looks perfect for the athlete who knows he’s sexy, the trend-setting man with an eye for design, and even your average Joe who wants nothing more than comfort.

Which underwear brand makes your favorite jock briefs? Did your favorite make our list of top 10 jock briefs? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands: Andrew Christian, Baskit, Bodyaware, BottomzUp Male, CellBlock 13Jack Adams, PPÜ, Timoteo

Photo Credit: Andrew Christian, Baskit, Bodyaware, BottomzUp Male, CellBlock 13, Jack Adams, PPÜ, Timoteo



0 thoughts on “Top 10 Jock Briefs, Hottest Looks From A Hybrid Style

  1. Rob says:

    LOVE jock briefs. They are my favorite style. I have Baskit and Jack Adams and ES. The Body Aware ones look good. When I wear mine, my partner knows I’m in the mood. Works every time 😉

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