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1966916_598037406942726_1627965186_n-1Can you remember the last time your underwear made you laugh, and in a good way? Maybe it’s never happened to you. If that’s that case, maybe you haven’t heard of TORIO. This underwear brand has been around for a while, creating clever tongue-in-cheek designs. Some will squeeze a giggle out of you. Some will literally have you laughing aloud. More than any other brand, TORIO brings a party to your pants.

Think of their zany boxer briefs as a list of eccentric guests. The Old Baby Boxer Brief looks like crayon scribbles on a white wall. But it’s probably the work of a man child, looking at the middle finger sketch on the left leg. The Yes/No Lip Version Boxer Brief has lips with text bubbles saying things such as “Don’t Touch!” and “Stay Away!” Then at night, the boxer really bites down — in glow-in-the-dark letters, “Yes!” is written all over the pair.

Several designs reveal their hidden sides in the dark. The Snack Boxer is patterned with candy bars, then in the dark, “R U Hungry?” appears on the rear. The Pirates Boxer looks like a “Where’s Waldo” collage. You’re looking for a monkey pirate. The answer is given to you at night — he glows in the dark too.

“Each design looks like it’s just a casual pattern or design, but they all have some meaning behind them,” said TORIO ______. “We wanted to create some underwear that makes everybody happy wearing them.”

The meanings behind each boxer brief’s design are like the punchline for their joke. TORIO brings intelligence to their humor, and through that, their underwear looks. We love that the brand is unafraid to throw harder punchlines, but even their softer humor makes for a delightful pair underwear. Still, the closer we get to actually 045laughing at the audacity of a boxer brief, the better.

One of the best TORIO looks is the Rub My Lamp Boxer Brief. To give you a sense of it’s design, it has “Torio Meets Aladdin” written in white on the back, visible in light. On the front, the Genie hangs from a pocket (R.I.P Robin Williams). “Rub Early…” is written above him, and he’s got a grin on his face. We see why in the dark. Aladdin and Jasmine are going at it, flying through the sky on a magic carpet.

TORIO doesn’t just make underwear. They make wearable witticisms. With their edgy and upbeat vibe, they redefine what it means to give your style attitude. Just imagine — you ask someone if they want to hear a joke. They say yes, you show them your underwear. Then if they don’t get it, you’ll have to turn off the lights.

You can find more TORIO goodness on Facebook.

Does your personality match the attitude of any TORIO underwear pairs? Do you prefer their fashionable looks, or their funky ones? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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