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BaNG! was born in Miami, the capitol of sunshine, sandy beaches, and oceanside nightlife. Founders Cristian Cravello and Dunierki De La Cruz were inspired by the city’s sunlight, and set out to create a line of casual men’s clothing. But their aspirations were higher than that. The line had to make use of their prime location. It had to live and breathe Miami. In fact, that’s how BaNG! got its name. Beach. Nightlife. Gym.

“When we think about ‘casual clothing’ in Miami, we think about the stuff you’d use for what we consider the three most recurrent activities in a city like this,” Cravello explains. “Beach or hanging out by some pool; clubbing or nightlife or socializing at any bar or restaurant: and of course the gym, or whatever choice of place for taking care of your body…”12 IMG_26382

It took months of trial and error for BaNG! to get off the ground. Several manufacturing facilities were tested before the desired quality was achieved. The process was made more difficult by Cravello and De La Cruz’s stubborness to have the brand made in Miami. They were adamant about not outsourcing to Asia, India, or South American, like many brands do. It’s an open-minded and conscious decision, and they still found the superior quality that were aimed for.

“We like to call it, that ‘European-designer-looking’ quality of sewing and stitching,” said De La Cruz. “Neat, impeccable, solid, but mostly really gentle and proportioned to the eye; yet very flexible, durable, and resistant to tear and wear.”

The city of Miami is perfect for this. With “the ocean, the beach, and some really fierce pool parties” to test drive the garments, they can handle the wildest conditions. Most casual men’s lines don’t include swimwear, so it was important that the the swim briefs were perfected.

“Our suits have a full-on lining inside. Not just crotch-area-only like in cheaper garments you may find elsewhere,” said Cravello. “And we make sure to use a top-notch type of lining for better comfort and feel to the skin. You’d be surprised to find out it’s comparable to what you’d find inside a fine bridal dress.”

The brand is still just three months old, and looks to cover their name’s “N” and “G” in their 2015 collections. While that’s happening, they’ll continue to excel at American-made men’s swimwear. And while BaNG! lives and breathes the sun-soaked Miami life, their premier line of clothes still appeals to a larger audience.

“Our type of man, the one with that ‘BaNG! Boy’ spirit, that carries that type of lifestyle defined by the beach, nightlife and gym, actually exists all over the world,” said Cravello. “And that’s why it makes sense for us to offer worldwide shipping from our online store, to put our BaNG! gear in the hands of anyone, anywhere.”

You can check out the brand’s current line of products at BaNG! Clothes

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For more information on this brand: BaNG!

Photo Credit: Abel Cruz for Photo Studio Miami

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