Modus Vivendi Buddha Line, Get Your Zen On

The Modus Vivendi Budhha Line is a massive one. It’s larger than it’s namesake’s belly, and with a total of 22 looks, it might bring you as much luck as the sage himself. Nearly every design in the Buddha Line comes in two color options, promoting a harmonious balance for your wardrobe.

We may be mixing philosophies when we say the collection holds both yin and yang within it, but it kind of does. The Modus Vivendi Buddha Line includes three main underwear styles — a brief, boxer, and a langot. Of these styles, each comes in two designs, which themselves come in different colors. Of the line’s underwear, the Buddha Langot ($38.10 – $56.41) is, hands-down, the most unique. It reimagines a traditional Indian langot, one of the oldest styles of men’s underwear. It’s similar to a loin cloth, but the fabric’s shape on the hip may be too stirring to be peaceful. The 10511 Buddha Brief ($29.68) has a similar fit and shape, although without the unique loincloth style. Each of the underwear styles is made from 95% cotton/modal and 5% elastane.

The Modus Vivdeni Line also includes a robe ($149.72), a tank top ($45.45), lounge pants ($86.76 – $105.61), and a saruel ($74.06 – $105.61). Again, you can tell what style is the most unique, and the closest to the collection’s influences. But the 10562 Buddha Lounge Pants  also have some surprising, hidden accents inspired by another culture. The lounge pants come with extra elastic straps that can been worn around the calf. They serve to hold up the pant’s material, and give your look a little more edge. These pants are made from a velvet material blend of 60% cotton and 35% polyester.

The Modus Vivendi Buddha Line is available in sizes S-XL.

Are you loving the foreign influence in the Modus Vivendi Buddha Line? Do you like the tartan looks, or the solid colors? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Modus Vivendi

Photo Credit: Modus Vivendi, Joan Crisol

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