Models On Social Media, Get Closer Than Ever

There are several dos and don’ts when it comes to social media. One of the dos, and maybe the biggest in our eyes, is following underwear models on social media. There really is no reason not to. Whether it’s Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, whatever, it brings those gorgeous men right into your pocket. So when you think about it, have you ever come so close to a male model getting inside your pants?

You have? Well, following models on social media is still easier.

Chances are you’re already following a few of these guys. Mark MacKillop for instance gained a huge following this year with his “Room XIV” selfie project. Phil Fusco is also on the rise, with his lifestyle blog PhilCity bringing in fans of his body and fitness routine. There are models we’ve been following for a while, such as Colby Melvin and Murray Swanby. Their drooling fan bases are only getting larger too. Check out the 9 models on social media that TUX recommends following. We go about our day with these guys in our pants. You should too.

What underwear models do you follow on social media? Have any of them followed you back? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

To follow these models on Instagram: Barrett Pall, Colby Melvin, Dimitri GencoJason Wimberly, Levi MichaelsMark MacKillop, Murray Swanby, Pablo Hernandez, Phil Fusco

Photo Credit: Barrett Pall, Colby Melvin, Dimitri Genco, Jason Wimberly, Levi Michaels, Mark MacKillop, Murray Swanby, Pablo Hernandez, Phil Fusco


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