Björn Borg “Lust & Found” Looks For The One

How do you find the right one? You know, The One. The Björn Borg “Lust & Found” video has some pretty good ideas. First, you get lust. Then you get found. But it isn’t so simple, because as the cinematic campaign also suggests, timing is everything.

The cute and quirky “Lust & Found” video shows off looks from Björn Borg’s 2014 winter lineup, both for men and women. Several new underwear styles are designed with patterns, some of them loud and others minimal and sophisticated. But Björn Borg also creates apparel, and in this video, we see two models looking for love and staying cozy in their loungewear.

If Wes Anderson made an underwear campaign, it would look something like this. The two models stand on a wall of doors and spot each other. From there it’s a guessing game. They open one door and pop out of another.It’s playful, charming, and a little bit artsy — not unlike Björn Borg’s overall style.

What new Björn Borg style are you lusting after? Which do you hope to find wrapped up with your name on it this Christmas? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Björn Borg

Video Credit: Björn Borg

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