Back To Basics: George Paul By Marco Ovando

Espirit NR 2pack microfiber woven

In this simple, yet elegant, editorial from Marco Ovando, model George Paul goes back to underwear basics.

Stripping men’s underwear down to its core, we see what really makes a great garment in this all-new and exclusive photo shoot. Marco Ovando’s work takes all padding, color, and other gimmicks completely out of the picture so we can focus on what really matters. A solid pair of underwear.

The brands that are featured in the photos are ones that have ideal staples. From Tani’s Free Cut Micro Modal Air collection to Derek Rose’s Jack Pima Cotton Stretch Hipster look, every man should own pairs like these. George Paul shows us exactly why they are much needed essentials. There’s a lot of movement in the photo shoot to showcase how classic underwear is just as sexy and bold as the rest, and how it keeps up with you. Elegant looks from Hanro, Pact, Bread & Boxers, and M8Mate are used as well. Every single pair fits George Paul like a glove, showing off his toned body. Make sure to take note of how well the M8Mate briefs wrap around his waist, and how the Hanro boxers still reveal his muscular thighs.

From briefs to boxers, no matter what you go with, know that a reliable pair of basic underwear can be worn by any man, any day, and for any occasion. What is your favorite shot of George Paul by Marco Ovando? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands: Bread & Boxers, Derek Rose, M8Mate, Pact, Hanro, and Tani

Photo Credit: Marco Ovando


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