Andrew Christian “Hunky Santas” Jingle Their Bells

The Andrew Christian “Hunky Santas” video will you get in the mood, holiday or otherwise. In a chestnut shell, it’s your favorite Andrew Christian models lip-synching to “Jingle Bells” in their underwear, making the yuletide truly gay. Meanwhile, the models shake their own jingle bells, made all the more visible in the Andrew Christian Almost Naked Holiday line. Most of the looks are festive in a bright red, not unlike Rudolph’s nose. Although, we’d much rather follow these guys into a snowstorm.

Among a few other models, Topher, Murray, Cheddy, and Pablo “shake their big candy canes and sweet candy asses in a magical winter wonderland.” Every model is all smiles as fake snow starts to fall. They dance, they laugh, they sensually bite down on Ho-Ho-Ho necklaces. Some of the models even have crucifix necklaces. Maybe they’re a subtle reminder on how Christmas originated. But all we can think is, where were those necklaces during the “Forgive Me, Father” video?

Then again, that was for Halloween. This is for Christmas, and everything is coming up bright and joyful. The video is all the holiday spirit you need condensed into one minute and a half. The Underwear Expert recommends watching “Hunky Santas: Jingle Bells” whenever you feel the winter blues coming on.

Spoiler Alert: If you didn’t see it coming that Andrew Christian would be Santa Claus, you don’t know Andrew Christian.

Would you want to find Andrew Christian’s Hunky Santas caroling at your door? Or would you rather find them under your tree? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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Video Credit: Andrew Christian

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