5 Underwear Kickstarters Funded In 2014

Thrill-Seeking/Risqué Roundup

The rest of the world is anticipating Christmas or its cultural equivalents. The Underwear Expert is watching it’s baby grow — our Curated Underwear Kickstarter. He’s got a little over 2 weeks left to grow, and we’re anxious to see how much more love (money) we get. Looking back at 2014’s underwear Kickstarters, we’re more than confident we’ll succeed.

Just about every brand that tried Kickstarter crowdfunding was successful. One was wildly successful. This list shows 5 underwear brands got funded in 2014. They’re ranked by how much they exceed their goals, from least to greatest. Let the underwear Kickstarter countdown begin.

5. de la Commune


4. Heath Paine


3. Shrine Boxers


2. Collected Threads


1. DirtyFit Underwear 


  • Backers: 954
  • Goal: $10k Received: $48,771
  • Exceeded by $38,773 – 488% Funded
  • DirtyFit Kickstarter

Did you help get any of these underwear brands started? How much will you pledge to help fund The Underwear Expert’s curated club? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands: Collected Threadsde la Commune, DirtyFit, Heath Paine, Shrine Boxers

Photo Credit: Collected Threads, de la Commune, DirtyFit, Heath Paine, Shrine Boxers


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