Weekly Style Guide: PUMP!

It really isn’t that hard to love PUMP! It’s been the latest rage. We have been spotting their campaign photos and actual underwear everywhere these days, it seems. We love this men’s underwear brand for their bright and playful colors and super sporty attitude. It seems no matter what, PUMP! also functions as one hell of a sexy pair of underwear. Whether it’s the joggers or the jocks, PUMP! has some of the hottest pieces of men’s underwear out there.

It wouldn’t be hard to spend an entire week in their underwear. Seriously, we would wear looks from PUMP! all month long if we could — actually, we just might. But for now, we’re going to take it slow and introduce some of our favorite new looks and how to coordinate them to everyday of the week.

Will you try out this week’s Weekly Style Guide: PUMP! edition? Report back to us by commenting below or tweeting @underwearexpert.

For more information on the brand: PUMP!

Photo Credit: PUMP!

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