Underwear Videos, Ice-Melting Movies For Winter Blues

Some people go to the movies when it gets cold, but we have everything you want to see right here. These underwear videos have enough heat to replace your fireplace (but not your long johns). They are some of our favorite promos from brands that know how to make a statement. Some of them scream sexy, others whisper it in your ear like a sweet, center-seamed something.

Cuddle up in your best loungewear or warmest underwear and get your replay clicking finger ready. These fiery underwear videos are hard to beat.

“TEAMM8 #teampeace” – teamm8

The promotional images for the #TEAMPEACE campaign would’ve been enough for us, really. The models both male and female looked gorgeous. But the video is where it’s really at. Set to moody, sensual music, we get to see #teampeace as it lives and breathes. Taking us to the teamm8 camp, directorJames Demitri makes you feel the scorching desert heat like its carried by the wind. But the best part comes shortly after a permanent marker is uncapped. Keep your eyes peeled for that.

“Play H+A+R+D” – C-IN2

Sweaty underwear models wrestling, slamming their shiny skin together. That is, essentially, what got this video up over 47,000 views. That, and the C-IN2 underwear’s way of clinging to the guys. Butts and bulges alike vibrate upon impact. But this is more hardcore workout than man-on-man sexiness. Although after watching this video, you will be itching to break a sweat one way or another.

“Bromosexuals” – Andrew Christian

Don’t get us wrong, we drool over Andrew Christian’s high-concept videos as much as the next underwear aficionado (or eye candy binge eater). Our jaws dropped with the more recent “Forgive Me, Father” and “Police Car Wash” videos. But “Bromosexuals” is more in-tune with the average Andrew’s experience in the underwear. Kind of. We don’t all get to hang out with drag queens, let alone shave a model’s backside.

“After Hours” – Pengallan

This video is oh so debonair! We hear the piano and sit a little straighter — this is a gentleman’s brand. You can tell by the man’s sexy style and suave demeanor. He just got back from the office and slipped out of his slacks. Left standing in a dress shirt and his Pengallan slim fit boxers, it isn’t long before this beaux’s beautiful lady friend is tugging at his waistband. We certainly don’t blame her. We want that Pengallan style all to ourselves too.

“Business Strip (Part 2): Room Service” – Gregg Homme

Where Pengallan shows us what it’s like to come home and unwind after the daily grind, Gregg Homme is on a business trip — and gets to unwind in the provocative, privacy of a hotel. The first part of this video almost beat out the second, but Part 2 manages to have a little more fun. Our man has already stripped down to his underwear and ordered room service. But what happens the morning will have your grin stretching even wider.

“I’ll Take Care Of You” – Atelier DT

This one is more cool than fiery in spite of its beach scenery, we’ll admit. The music is jazzy and mellow, the perfect compliment to the black and white filmography. It gives the models and their coastal backdrop a tone that brings out the elegance of their Atelier DT underwear. And if you’re wondering why and how the video can look so good, it was directed by none other than Adrian C. Martin.

Which one of these videos would you give your personal Oscar to? Is there a hotter underwear video you think we overlooked? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands: Andrew Christian, Atelier DT, C-IN2, Gregg Homme, Pengallan, teamm8

Video Credit: Andrew Christian, C-IN2, Gregg Homme, Pengallan, ProjectOne Studio, teamm8


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