Underwear Fairy Tales: The Little Mer-Son

We all know of Hans Christian Anderson, the great Danish storyteller whose tales of tiny women, sorrowful match girls, icy queens, and longing mermaids enchanted us all. But did you know that Hans Christian had a literary cousin as well?

Hans Christian Anderpants was a relative on Anderson’s mother’s side. And though it won’t be admitted in public, it is well known in family circles that Anderson’s stories were taken directly from Anderpants’ classic tales. Thumbelina  is actually a new version of the Anderpants classic: Underlina (about a woman with too too small underwear). “The Little Match Girl” was a rewrite of Anderpants’ “The Little Underwear Boy”. And of course most famously stolen was “The Little Mer-Son.”

Here at the Underwear Expert we’ve been working with many reputable historians and are pleased to  present for the first time ever, the original tale and basis for The Little Mermaid: THE LITTLE MER-SON!


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