Timoteo Atletico, Wake Up And Work The Bedroom

If you thought you had a grasp on the athletic-meets-sexy style of the Timoteo Atletico Collection, you were wrong. It’s okay, we were too — and we’re experts. But until you’ve seen the brand’s Atletico campaign, you don’t know just how sexy the underwear collection can be. How well the athletic colors and color blocking accentuate the crotch. How easily they get you feeling masculine and hotter than ever.

Shot in a sun-soaked room, model Rafael Medenca wears all the underwear styles in the collection — briefs, jock briefs, trunks, and jocks. He has the body to pull off anything, but an attitude impeccably suited to Timoteo’s frisky jock aesthetic.

“For the launch of the new collection we used model Rafael Mendanca. He embodies what the Timoteo brand is all about and is the perfect model to help launch the Atletico Collection,” said Timoteo Ocampo, Chief Designer & Co-Owner of Timoteo. “I really focused to make the design compliment the contour pouch so it makes your crotch really stand out. Guys like to make sure their basket isn’t smashed in front and looks and feels the best.”

The promo is more than the sensual, captivating shoot though. There is also a video. You wake up with Rafael on what is supposed to be “just another day.” But the opening shot is of his incredible sculpted stomach, and the bold Timoteo waistband that wraps around his muscled waist. And as he gets a jump on the day, lifting weights and stretching, we’re treated to even more eye candy. The Atletico Collection, no matter the style, moves with him. And if we really did wake up next to him, wearing nothing but those Timoteo Atletico looks, we would never leave the bed.

What style and color options from the Timoteo Atletico Collection would you rather get in bed with? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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