Tani 2014, A Year Of Luxury

2014 isn’t even over and we’re already calling Tani a top brand of the year. The Tani 2014 Collections showed us the epitome of men’s luxury underwear, as well as apparel with the same attention to quality and superior materials. Of course, with this level of sophistication, The Underwear Expert team wasn’t the only one falling for Tani. From talented photographers to Out Magazine, people took notice.

We had our eyes on Tani all year and were never disappointed. This list looks back at Tani’s shining moments, and proves why 2014 was a a year of luxury, and a year for Tani.

1. The Tani Swiss Cotton Collection

The Swiss cotton that Tani uses for this collection is one of the finest in the world. Everything in the collection is made from 95% cotton and 5% elastane, giving the extraordinary fabric enough stretch to be both supportive and comfortable. The fabric is also durable and guaranteed to last. But the real elegance is split 50/50 between the material and the sophisticated designs it’s used for.


2. Humbert Clotet’s Photo Shoot, In Tani

Photographer Erik Carter captured the opulence of Tani better than anyone. With model Humbert Clotet wearing Tani’s designs, you come to understand the kind of man Tani is after. Paired with dapper apparel, this shoot is an almanac on how carry men’s fashion from head to toe.


3. This Unforgettable Discount On Class

Luxury fashion normally has a price tag high enough to induce buyer’s remorse. Tani doesn’t. And then this summer, they had one of the best sales ever on gilt.com — a rob-us-blind 50% off of their Air Fitness, Everyday SilkTouch, and Luxuriance collections. Everyone deserves at least one elegant look, and this sale made it possible.


4. They Have More Than One Luxury Fabric

One of the best things Tani does is make luxury a running possibility, no matter where the day takes you. Of their five fabrics, some are made to simply look and feel great. But Tani also brings it’s high-end aesthetic to it’s Air Fitness and Fresh Cooling collections. We are willing to bet those are the most chic lines of performance apparel available.


5. Their Underwear Inspires Our Fashion Sense

We included Tani in our Complete The Look series and came up with a handsomely bright outfit based around the Fresh Cooling Performance Trunk. And while the outfit we built wasn’t one for the gym, or even a hike, the classy finish on the trunk showed us that luxury is always in style, no matter the function.


6. Tani Can Make Luxury Surprisingly Fun

Luxury underwear and high-end fashion don’t have to equal a cold exterior or personality. Tani released a color update for their Everyday SilkTouch Collection in October that made one of the brand’s biggest color splashes. With a regal purple body and geometric pattern, the pattern proved pizzazz can be plenty stylish.


7. Tani In Out Magazine’s “Over & Under” Editorial

We imagine this is how parents feel when they watch their children graduate. Tani really made a name for itself when it was featured in the August 2014 issue of Out Magazine. The “Over & Under” photo editorial was shot by Milan Vukmirovic and showcased model Garrett Neff. Tani underwear was paired with Gucci and Prada designs in one of the year’s most debonair displays of fashion. This was also the issue where Michael Vick graced the cover.


How often did you wear Tani underwear this year? Were the Tani 2014 Collections your go-to styles for formal events and first dates? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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