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Have you been allowing yourself to explore what truly gets you going? We aren’t talking about what puts that fire inside your chest, but rather what throws an icy cool style into your wardrobe. Mack Weldon’s underwear designs come in a surprising amount of colors, and even then more shades of blue than any underwear expert or novice could hope for.

Mack Weldon has three main underwear styles: a brief, boxer brief, and trunk. There is also the more recent addition, the woven boxer, which has yet to freeze over more shades of blue. Currently, it’s available in true navy and bleeker blue. The trunk, brief, and boxer brief all have infinity blue and blue night. But the brief, little underwear that could, didn’t stop there. He also comes in cendre blue and indigo heather.

No matter which shade of blue does it for you, each one has an evergreen style that can transition form season to season. That being said, they do look incredibly handsome under casual layered looks. Their soft tones especially are great now, and likely again in the spring.

If blue is your thing (and we’re guessing it is because of the weather), surrendering your underwear collection to Mack Weldon could be the right idea. He’ll whip your underwear drawer into shape, and bind you in comfortable, luxurious fabric blends.

Which of Mack Weldon’s shades of blue is your favorite? Is there a shade you want to see next? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

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