Six-Pack Abs Sans Sit-Ups With Jason Wimberly

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Want killer six-pack abs, but hate doing crunches? We understand, we’re right there with you — and so is fitness guru Jason Wimberly. For the Livestrong website, Jason is imparting his fitness wisdom in a series of posts about an easier fitness lifestyle.

For this brief, Jason teaches us the strategy of attaining gorgeous rippling abs, without the back-straining work of crunches and sit-ups. You can obtain those muscles through other exercises that are actually a lot of fun. These six ab workout variations will have you looking forward to core day instead of dreading it. Jason walks you through the dynamic stabilizing moves with a step by step guide and photos. See how you can be the envy this summer with help from these moves: Twisting Leg Raises, Side Plank, Reach For It, Thread and Needle, Drop It Low, and Pike Variations.

See how to do his exercises in detail by visiting Find him on Instagram at @jasonwimberly.

Give these guys and try, and then tell us how your progress is working out by commenting below, tweeting @underwearexpert or uploading a selfie on Instagram and tagging us!

Photo Credit: Benjamin Patterson


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