Our Voyeuristic Dream Boy: Levi Michaels

No stranger to the camera, you may recognize Levi Michaels from a number of things. As one of Cockyboys’ models, from his own personal vlog “Life With Levi,” or, if you’re lucky enough to live in New York, out and about at the city’s best gay bars.

Lucky for us — and you — Levi happens to be quite the exhibitionist. For this Underwear Expert exclusive, Marco Ovando shoots him in the bedroom, showing off neon looks from Jor and Justin Case, among others. We get to be the voyeurs. The camera is set up to give the story a behind-the-scenes feel, raw and energetic, with Levi caught from every angle. It’s a very intimate look into the world of both modeling and photography.

Levi starts off in Digital Camo from Wood, though the glow from the camera helps him stand out, rather than blend in, to his surroundings. He flexes in Alexander Cobb and Superhero briefs from aussieBum — which are bound to bring some fun into the bedroom. Neon waistbands from Jor light up the room, whether under the blacklight or not, and a Justin Case Jockbrief shows off Levi’s best assets. And wearing your sunglasses at night? It’s never too late to take a cue from Corey Hart.

What’s your favorite look on Levi? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting @underwearexpert.

For more information on these brands: aussieBum, Alexander Cobb, Jor, Justin Case, and Wood.

Photo Credit: Marco Ovando


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