Mack Weldon Gift Sets, Available Black Friday

Mack Weldon gift sets are perfect for you and the men in your life. Everything about the brand says “gentleman.” Their underwear pairs have a polished finish. Their undershirts and tees have a stylish simplicity. Then there’s the socks designs. With more than stripes, dots, and camo, they show Mack Weldon knows have to have fun, albeit in that same gentlemanly manner. Where other socks laugh obnoxiously, these chuckle with admiration.

Sound like anyone you know, or you? If so, the eight Mack Weldon gift sets available starting Black Friday should be the first thing you buy.

Mack Weldon’s 2014 Holiday Gift Guide breaks them all down. They include underwear, socks, and tees in different combinations. The smallest has three briefs. The largest, 14 pairs of socks! And if there’s a mini Mack Weldon man in your life, one gift set includes four pairs of kids socks. Each comes with a signature Mack Weldon drawstring bag. So if you don’t mind spoiling the surprise, this is one gift you won’t need to wrap.

Tempted to get a Mack Weldon gift set for yourself? Is your man a Mack Weldon man? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Mack Weldon

Photo Credit: Mack Weldon

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