Gregg Homme Lover-Boy Takes Us

We can’t get him out of our head. He makes us smile and swoon, and dare we say, breathless. It’s true, we are falling for the Gregg Homme Lover-Boy Collection.

The new collection includes a brief ($38.95), boxer brief ($40.95), and thong ($32.95). They’re all made from a 91% polyamide and 9% spandex material blend, carefully chosen from the finest European fabrics. Each style comes in five color options and features a candy-striped waistband that gives each one a flirtatious edge.

For a more daring edge, the Lover-Boy Collection was also designed with an elastic loop that works as a built-in cock ring for added enhancement. The pouches are also center seamed so that what’s enhanced is better defined. And for a more fashionable touch (this is Gregg Homme after all), the candy-striped waistband has belt loops and the brand’s rubber crest stitched at the center.

The Gregg Homme Lover-Boy Collection comes in black, white, red, yellow, and blue, and is available in sizes XS-XL.

Which of the three underwear styles are you more in love with? What kind of underwear makes you weak in the knees? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Gregg Homme

Photo Credit: Gregg Homme

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