Garçon Model, An International Love Affair

The Garçon Model Miami Collection has a certain city on its mind, clearly. But it would be shame to limit the cosmopolitan, refined styles to one locale. We at The Underwear Expert refuse to let that happen. Our solution? Taking Garçon Model on an international love affair. We are spanning the globe, hopping from one concrete jungle to the next.

Each city gets a pair of underwear, one that gives off similar vibes. Garçon Model’s underwear is great for the urban dweller, whether chained to a desk or addicted to the dance floor. Plus, the brand’s use of colors make its impossible to not have some trendy color pop under your pants. Which is good, because chances are if you live the city life, you’ve got some eyes on you.

What Garçon Model underwear looks would you pack for a trip? Is there a pair that reminds you of your hometown? Let us know in the comments below,or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Garçon Model

Photo Credit: Garçon Model

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