Freedom Reigns FW14, Excursion In The Woods

The new promo vid for Freedom Reigns’ FW14 Collection takes the brand’s latest and greatest for a brisk hike through the woods. The gorgeous models strut between trees and under branches, their equally attractive Freedom Reigns underwear, tops, and bottoms catching the sunlight as it breaks through the trees.

The video has a sense of — for lack of a better word — freedom about it. It looks like the models are on a day trip, yet packed plenty changes of clothes. Each new line from the FW14 Collection makes an appearance here, working with the models to show how the underwear and activewear move with your body. And not only that, but how great the collection looks against itself, perfect for mixing and matching to achieve your ideal look. We wouldn’t mind getting lost with these men. We’d absorb their fashion sense and stare at their muscles until the sun went down.

Do you have a favorite look from Freedom Reigns’ FW14 Collection? Did the video make you fall in love with a certain look more? Let us know in the comments below, or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

For more information on this brand: Freedom Reigns

Video Credit: Freedom Reigns

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